HRVS-TX: Transformer Inrush Current Limiter

HRVS-TX: Transformer Inrush Current Limiter

Inrush current can have detrimental effects on the equipment’s lifespan and if not mitigated can result in unplanned outages that can impact the operation’s efficiency and reliability. The Solcon HRVS-TX is a heavy-duty inrush current limiter, designed to operate under harsh industrial conditions, suitable for the needs of a range of transformers.

Untitled design (6)The HRVS-TX is compatible with all standard or special transformers that have a maximum rating of 30MVA/15kV, while their operating temperature remains within – 10 to 50 degrees Celsius. An overview of the HRVS-TX’s major features is as follows:

  • Integral current limiting relay
  • Magnetizing inrush current eliminated through sophisticated control
  • RS485 communication available for advanced monitoring/control functions
  • Fault indication to each individual fuse
  • Designed for 40 – 70Hz range for fluctuating frequency systems
  • Can be ordered in IP31 -54 protection range

The inrush current limiter is available in several options, with additions such as bypass vacuum contactors, disconnect switches, optional circuit breakers, control protection fuses and transformer protection relays. If necessary, electronic potential transformers can also be requested along with the package.


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