Electric Power Measurements on Three-Phase Motors

Three-phase topology has become the norm of all industrial motors due to the operational and economic benefits they possess. The most notable advantage of a three-phase motor is its ability to...

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Analog vs. Digital Drives

Moore’s Law is hard at work, with silicon foundries churning faster-than-ever processors with every passing year. One may think that this tip the balance in favor of everything digital, but does...

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Single Phase vs Three Phase Power

Electric power systems can be split into three zones, generation, transmission and distribution. While the first two parts are almost exclusively following a three-phase design, the last one also...

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Soft Starters vs. Variable Frequency Drives

Industrial motors may require quick acceleration at times to deal with a peak load requirement. This requires the inrush of large amounts of energy, and thus, current which can damage the motor as...

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About Solcon Solutions

Solcon Industries is an industry leader in solid state motor starters and control systems.

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Properly Operating Three-Phase Motor with Single-Phase Power

Electric motors are manufactured and available in two major designs, single- or three-phase. While both types of motors have their merits & demerits, three-phase are more commonly used for...

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Current Motor Starting: Advantages and Disadvantages

Three-Phase Induction Motors rule the industrial and commercial sector due to their simple design, robustness and long-history of reliable operation. Once operational, the ease through which their...

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HRVS-TX: Transformer Inrush Current Limiter

Inrush current can have detrimental effects on the equipment’s lifespan and if not mitigated can result in unplanned outages that can impact the operation’s efficiency and reliability. The Solcon...

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