Solcon Data Logger Overview

Solcon Data Logger Overview

The Solcon Data Logger (SDL) has been designed to work in conjunction with its Medium Voltage HRVS-DN PowerStart and DriveStart devices, providing advanced maintenance and system diagnostics, accessible remotely. The SDL is based on a multi-signal acquisition system and waveform capture software, allowing a full-spectrum analysis of the devices to be carried out. Major features include:

  • Multi-channel signal acquisition and recording system
  • Monitors line voltage, starting current, relay status and trip analysis
  • Optional card for existing HRVS-DN installations
  • Carries out spectrum analysis
  • Provides real-time system reporting for critical components

The Solcon Data Logger can expedite commissioning of Solcon’s Medium Voltage Soft Starters, allowing full analysis and starting optimization through Data Blaster and low voltage commissioning procedures.

The SDL is available in four variants:

  • Complete analysis
  • Data Feedback
  • Commissioning and installation
  • Maintenance

Along with the hardware, the SDL comes with an intuitive, easy-to-learn software package that displays advanced waveforms and helps technicians carry out analyses.


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