Solcon MV-TPS: Thyristor Power Controller

Solcon MV-TPS: Thyristor Power Controller

TPSDesigned to offer accurate and reliable control over resistive loadings, the MV-TPS is a fully-digital, 3-phase control power unit suitable for medium voltage operation. The Thyristor Power Controller can reduce cabling requirements as well as bring down the size of electrical cabinets by eliminating the need for costly step-down transformers.

The overview of features is as follows:

  • Available in models up to 13.8kV/500 Amps
  • Includes fully programmable, 15 protection functions
  • Faulty equipment detection, even with parallel connected elements
  • Two-line, 16-character LCD display
  • RS-485 communication

The power controller supports phase control and zero crossing while also allowing the user to carry out load shedding through programmable functions. There are three programmable relays and a variety of load connection types to choose from, e.g. wye, delta, inside delta, etc. The ambient temperature for operation ranges between 0 – 50 degrees Celsius, making use of forced air-cooling mechanism.

The product is suitable for a range of industries typically finding use in applications pertaining to glass, plastic, oil & gas, process heaters, textile, electrolysis and multi-zone heating.


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