Solcon RVS-AX: Analog Low Voltage Soft Starter

Solcon RVS-AX: Analog Low Voltage Soft Starter

The Solcon RVS-AX is designed for small to medium size motors, serving as a core component for enhancing their mechanical and electrical durability. A suitable replacement for star-delta and auto-transformer type starters, it can find use in a variety of applications, e.g. pumps, fans, conveyors, compressors, etc.

A highlight of the features is as follows:

  • Start/stop with voltage free contact
  • Built-in current limit and motor protection
  • Integral by-pass
  • 3-phase control
  • Soft start and soft stop

The RVS-AX  Soft Starter is available in conformal coating as well as UL & CUL approved designs, with specifications ranging from 8 – 170 Amps and 220 – 600 Volts.


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